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The Witches of Bushwick has been here ever since 2012. We all know how much people loved arts, designs, different styles, and fashion. This is why we decided to put up this website even without knowing how it will turn out in the future. The Witches of Bushwick was originally for people who wanted to share their own styles and designs or sketches. For years, we’ve shared artists’ own works while others are simply admiring them. It became an opportunity for artists to showcase their talents and share their unique styles so it went successfully for a very long time. However, we never expected that this website would also improve so much to the point that we ended up becoming an online store that allows people to sell their works.


After 5 years, the Witches of Bushwick decided to formally open as an online market wherein people can sell their creations here whether it’s an artwork, different clothing types or accessories. Since this website welcomes people with creative ideas and those with something to share whether it’s for art or for fashion, we are more than happy to improve our website to accommodate them and make people happier. We’re happy that we receive a great number of amazing comments be it on our inbox or on our forum.


We hope that we get to see more people here on our website. We do encourage everyone to share their own works and creations here. The Witches of Bushwick will help you out with the marketing as you showcase your own talents. If you want to start and create a small business, this website will be here for you as well. You and your products are protected here. Our group is hoping to see you more often. The Witches of Bushwick will always be here for you.